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Phone:309-303-4275 or text

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Gathering Horsehair

For a single braid bracelet, I need about 15 inches of horsehair. Collect the horsehair by carefully grasping the longest hairs (or those at least 15 inches long) at the very tip of the tail bone and brushing away the shorter hairs. This works best if you do it in sections and work close to the tail bone. That way you can collect the hair without it being obvious and all the same length. The hair collected should be about than the diameter of a pencil, so you don't have remove much from your horses tail. Just be sure the hair is long enough. Gather the hair together and secure with a rubber band (a braiding band is good). Carefully loop the hair, do not knot the hair, and put it in a zip lock bag with a label including your name and the name of the horse. Seal the bag.

I will not process hair that is tangled, matted, or excessively dirty. Hair that is collected from the 'field' or stall and not neatly secured with a band will be charged a minimum 25.00 for extra processing.

If you wash the hair, please do not add any conditioners or detanglers.  We always wash the hair, no matter how clean it appears to be.  Braiding with clean hair is absolutely important.

Shorter lengths of hair and mane hair can be worked with, please contact us to discuss options.

All unused hair will be returned with the completed piece of jewelry.

Mane Hair

Yes, I braid with mane hair.  Mane hair is much finer, shorter, and more prone to breakage than tail hair, making it more difficult to work with.  An additional $50 fee per braid applies to mane hair.  For another option, mane hair is beautiful and protected in the "Frozen in Time". Please contact us for details.


Measuring for a Bracelet

To measure your wrist for a bracelet, use a flexible tape measure. Use the tape to measure how long you would like your bracelet to be in inches. We will use the measurement you send us as the length of the bracelet. A typical woman's bracelet is 7 1/2 inches, a man's bracelet is usually 8 1/2 inches.


Treat your horsehair bracelet like fine jewelry.  Polish the sterling silver when needed. Try to avoid exposure to chemicals; sun screen, perfume, and chlorine.  Never wear your horsehair jewelry while swimming.  When you wear your bracelet next to other jewelry or watches, be aware that the horsehair may fray. Remove your horsehair jewelry when bathing. If your hair becomes dull wash gently with a mild soap and let dry naturally.

Frayed Hairs

If any of the horsehair becomes frayed or breaks, you can trim the stray hair with a nail clipper. Carefully clip the hair as close to the braid as you can. Please remember that horsehair is a natural material and subject to wear. I make every effort to select the healthiest hairs in making your jewelry so that it will last a long as possible. 

Horsehair pieces are custom made by hand in East Peoria, IL.  Please allow 3-4 weeks to complete the order.  You will receive a confirmation email when the hair is received.  Orders are completed as they are received.  If you have a special occasion or rush on the order, please call or text 309-303-4275 to confirm that the order can be completed on time.  Please also include this information with the order.

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail 

I will repair jewelry purchased from Whiskey River Designs at no charge within one year of purchase.  However, if the customer is responsible for the damage, the repair request may not be granted.  The customer is responsible for paying shipping fees.  Please email a photo of the piece displaying the damage along with a detailed description. One exception is the leather halter bracelet which is only 60 days.

Custom pieces are not returnable.  If a piece does not fit, please send it back and every effort will be made to correct the fit.  Please contact us to arrange for the repair.


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